Plant Identification

Plant Identification

Two grasses

PlantIDID Map

Learn about Marin Plants on

Choose from over 100 interactive plant lists for Marin County

  • by specific location (Abbott’s Lagoon Trail, Alice Eastwood Road, Alpine Dam to Kent Lake, Angel Island, etc.)
  • or by countywide topics (grasses, ceanothus, manzanita, iris, thistle, and so forth)

Enter as many search choices as you like. Each makes the list shorter. Once you get a short list of possibilities, use the illustrated ID tips to pick out a possibility and drill down to see lots of information about the plant, typically including dozens of photos showing life phases, plant parts, close-ups and overview shots.

Think you know the plants on your list? Take the quiz! We’ll show you random photos of a plant until you guess it or give up. Then we’ll show you the plant page and you can see for yourself.

Want to turn your own text plant list into an interactive PlantID list? It’s easy with the Clipboard to ID feature.

Learn more about by viewing the video demo (

See a menu of all Marin interactive lists at

To help organize photographs, add taxon descriptions, and get your knowledge published, contact

Getting Started with Marin Grasses

by Bruce Homer-Smith


An interactive site to identify, study, and inquire about the Native Plants of California.

Sedges of Marin

An interactive visual and text-based keys guide to aid specialists, conservationists and enthusiasts in identification of sedge species in Marin County, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Wildflower Search Engine

Search for western wildflowers by location, color, shape and time.   3,282 plants indexed.

SF Plant Finder

A plant database for creating habitat in San Francisco that may also be useful generally.

 Flower Sheets for Marin

Sheets showing twenty thumbnail images of plants for the chosen area.

Species Guides for Marin and the SF Bay Area

Descriptions with photos of various species and communities occurring in Marin.

Wildflowers of Point Reyes National Seashore

Guide to the most common and conspicuous wildflowers.

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