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Marin Flora

MarinFlorasmThe updated edition of John Thomas Howell’s classic 1949 Marin Flora is co-authored by Wilma Follette, Catherine Best, and Frank Almeda, Senior Curator of Botany at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and is a joint project of the Marin Chapter of the CNPS and the California Academy of Sciences.


This updated edition of Marin Flora has an additional 416 line drawings to assist in keying species, new well-tested dichotomous keys, and color photos of plant communities in Marin. There are new maps along with satellite images. As much as possible, the original plant descriptions by Howell that have long delighted botanists as well as his insights and poetic observations, have been preserved. Chapter members shared their expertise with botanists at the California Academy of Sciences, where plant specimens are retained. Publication was made possible by Thomas Howell’s generous remembrance of the chapter in his will.
Hard-cover and soft-cover books are available for purchase at chapter meetings or can be ordered from the Marin Chapter Online Store.


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