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Fall CNPS Plant Sale

Red Buckwheat is one of the many plants being grown for the fall sale.

Fall CNPS Plant Sale: Planting Time is Almost Here!

The Marin chapter is pleased to offer a 5-day online plant sale this fall.

Fall CNPS Plant Sale: Planting Time is Almost Here!

The Marin chapter is pleased to offer a 5-day online plant sale this fall. We make an effort to focus on shrubs in the fall as this is the best time of year to get them in the ground. We hope there will be lots of winter rains to help them put down deep root systems to see them through our dry summers.

Order online: October 6th, 6 pm through October 10th, 6 pm
Order pickup: Saturday October 15th from 10:30 am to 1 pm, Bon Air Shopping Center, Greenbrae

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Our plant propagator, Charlotte Torgovitsky of Home Ground Habitats is growing a spectacular array of plants that we will be offering in October.

Some of the many species that will be available are: buckeye, elderberry, Howard McMinn manzanita, saltbush, sagebrush, coyote brush, spice bush, fairyduster, coffeeberry, tree mallow, hollyleaf cherry, Pacific ninebark, gooseberries and currants, button willow, snowberry, lemonadeberry, wild rose, yerba santa, woolly bluecurls, several monkeyflowers, 7 varieties of ceanothus and 6 species of salvias. Included in the perennial category are milkweed, several buckwheats, California fuchsia, wild honeysuckle, bush snapdragon, gumplant, Pacific iris, blue flax, blue-eyed grass, everlasting, rosilla, yarrow, foothill penstemon, bee plant, coyote mint, lilac verbena, checkerbloom, fringe cups, bearberry, datura and beach aster.  Grasses include CA fescue, deer grass, rush and dune sedge.

We will also have seed packets of 32 different locally-collected annuals, perennials and shrubs.

See our Plant Replacement List for a complete rundown of species we recommend.

General shopping instructions:

The sale will go ‘live’ at 6 p.m. on Thursday October 6. The sale closes at 6 pm on Monday October 10.

Plant pickup will be Saturday October 15 from 10:30am to 1:00pm.

We will send out an email blast prior to the sale with the link to the online sale.

On the sale site, simply click on the plant you want and select an option (if there is one) of the size. Make sure that “Marin” is after the size option you choose.

Choose a quantity and click to Add to Cart. Keep in mind that items in carts will be sold to the first person who pays for them.

When you are done shopping, click the cart symbol in upper right of window and click Checkout.

Please provide a phone number and email address in your contact information in case we have a question about your order.

Fill in your payment information, Apply, and Place Order.

For questions or problems, contact


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