Field Trip Reports

2015 May 10 Field Trip to Abbotts Lagoon

Photo by Doreen Smith

Doreen Smith led a hike to see the California native coastal prairie and dune willdflowers at Abbotts Lagoon, Point Reyes National Seashore.
About a dozen people hiked along the public trail to the Lagoons, dunes, and up on the bluff.

Some of the species in flower that were seen were Lupinus polyphyllus var. polyphyllus (giant marsh lupine), Claytonia sibirica (candy flower), Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. platyphyllus (large marsh buttercup), Lathyrus littoralis (beach pea), Layia carnosa (beach layia), and one new plant for the list, Acmispon strigosus (an annual lotus).

Photos by Doreen and Vernon Smith.

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